Common-Loran takes security seriously above all. And as such we are aware of the security threats that even basic analytic programs pose to unsuspecting navigators of the internet, and collectively, society as a whole. Our company is founded on the basic ideologies that make up the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the United States of America. Common-Loran will work hard to keep your data safe and secure against malicious entities and individuals and overly intrusive government agencies.

Trustworthiness is key on the internet and we wish to serve the networks of the world faithfully. If you find any sort of data collection being performed on the Common-Loran website, by the Common-Loran website itself and not a third party site, you are strongly urged to send a report of your discovery anonymously or not, to [email protected] or our support form here. This should encompass what you have found so that we may assess the issue and take swift course of action to correct it.

1. Website Data Collection

Proudly, Common-Loran does NOT data mine, Common-Loran does NOT track your movements through methods internal or external for the use of marketing, spying, advertisement targeting, or personal data resale. The data collection that DOES occur in data transactions from visitors to our website and our server(s) contains the following:

Logs containing these pieces of information are only accessible by Common-Loran. No personal data collected, either traceable or untraceable to any specific person, location, entity, etc. is used in the actions spelled out above. This data is neither sold nor given to any third party entity. Access is barred to this information by anyone outside of Common-Loran with the exception of government entities that have obtained the proper legal warrants for the state of North Carolina or by the federal government to access said information. (SEE SECTION 4 BELOW)

2. Client Data

Client Data is protected in the same way that any and all of Common-Loran’s personal data is saved, protected, encrypted, etc. Data will remain in Common-Loran’s ownership solely with the exception of government entities that have obtained the proper legal warrants for the state of North Carolina or by the federal government to access said information. Every attempt on our part will be made to keep client data safe, and if any breach was to occur, Common-Loran will take immediate action to secure any of this data. Also, any clients that were affected would be notified immediately.

3. Data Collection on Websites Built By Common-Loran or its Affiliates

There are many popular tools that companies may wish to use to either advertise their business or better understand and market to their clients and target audience. Common-Loran does not endorse such methods but may implement them in websites built by Common-Loran or its affiliates per the client’s request. Common-Loran WILL NOT use this data in any way either internally or externally and we hold no affiliations with nor legal responsibility towards the actions that our clients may take and how they may use said collected information. This information will not be hosted within Common-Loran personal server space unless a website and its data are hosted on one of Our internal servers for public use and connection, whether shared or isolated. In such case as this, Common-Loran will not use, access, or manipulate any of said data for our personal use and will attempt to keep said data as secure from breach and malicious use as readily possible.

4. Warrants and Government Inquiry

Any and all government interest in data possessed by Common-Loran will forever and always only be accessible through legal channels related to Common-Loran’s location, the state of North Carolina. If there is reasonable cause that information on our servers or through our services may be vital in assistance with any legal case, federal, state or local related, after a proper warrant is obtained, officials may contact [email protected] or use our support form here for access to those files that directly pertain to the subjects spelled out in said warrant. Police and other government entity officials will have no access to any and all files that are not specifically and directly related to the warrant in question.